Why are we here? It’s a simple question, yet millions of people don’t know, understand, or care about the answer. This is one that Atheists really don’t answer well. They claim that we just happen to be here by chance. Christianity provides a better answer.

“For you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.”   1 Corinthians 6:20

God made us for his glory, therefore our purpose is to glorify him. God, the Sovereign King, chose to create the earth, so that we would show his glory and enjoy the rest of his creation.

    Now that we’ve got that one answered, I think the next question is, “how do we glorify him?”  The way that the bible mentions the most, is to simply praise with our voice. This is very easy, physically. But sometimes you’re just not in a joyful mood. Sometimes you don’t feel thankful. And sometimes, you do it, (singing in church, praying at the dinner table, etc.) but you don’t really mean it in your heart. I don’t have a good answer for that one. I just pray that God would change my heart and make me a more grateful person. But also, we can praise God with our life, by living in a way that is pleasing to him and doing good things for his glory. The Rebolution has taught me many things about how to live for the glory of God. It involves taking on challenges, and being faithful in that which is least. 

   Knowing our purpose in life, and having good goals to achieve can bring us joy. Writing is something that bring me happiness, because I believe that God wants for me to do it. Living for God is far more rewarding than most things you would consider “fun”. Sometimes it does get tedious doing even the menial tasks that God wants for us to do, and it takes a lot of courage to do some of the big tasks that are waiting for us. But if we accept challenge, there is a world of opportunities for us stand up for what’s right, spread the gospel, or simply share the love of God. 


One thought on “Purpose

  1. Allyson says:

    ❤️ My favorite line in this one-“I don’t have a good answer for that one. I just pray that God would change my heart and make me a more grateful person.” Such true, simple, and honest advice.


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