Just a Monday Morning…

It’s a normal Monday morning. I woke up to the sound of my two alarm clocks beeping at me. I was so sleepy… Fast forward half an hour. I open my eyes to see darkness outside. “Oh, it must be really early, I can sleep some more” I think. “But then again, maybe I should just check my clock to make sure… 6:03!” Then I remembered, vaguely, hearing my alarms at 5:30 already that day and having fallen back asleep. “Well, guess I better get up and start reading my Bible, and just hope I’ll be able to keep my eyes open.”

It’s 8:34 am right now. What I didn’t expect, when I woke up for the second time this morning, was that God was teaching me something. In the next hour after that, I had a good, fruitful, time with God, learning more about him and thinking about his grace presented in the gospel to me. When I went downstairs to have breakfast, a beautiful thought occurred to me. While I was sitting there, grumpy and groggy that I had to get out of bed, the God who created and sustains the universe had decided to wake me up again so that he could spend some time with me.