Two of my most frequently played songs

Though I love too many songs to pick favorites, Though You Slay Me by Shane & Shane is especially touching. The music itself is beautiful, but the words based off of the first part of Job 13:15 are even more beautiful. Through this song, the author has painted a picture of what it looks like to trust God in the midst of suffering. To hear the story behind the song, click here

With less of an acoustic sound, Tenth Avenue North’s song Control is also pretty high up on my charts. Control puts us into perspective as it reminds us of God’s sovereignty and providence, and how greatly we don’t deserve his favor. You can watch lead singer Mike Donehey’s “video journal” here. I will warn you, though, that I personally did not agree with everything that he said in that video, and liked the song better before I heard his perspective. I don’t want to give the wrong impression, but I believe very strongly that Christians in the typical American church culture need to stop focusing so much about themselves and more about God, especially in what is considered Christian music. I would rather see this song as one about acknowledging God’s control over our lives than to see it as another song about how we are so awesome because God loves us no matter how rotten we are. Yeah, it’s great that God loves us, but could wesing about some other aspects of his character too, like sovereignty, providence, justice, and holiness? Anyway, regardless of the back story, I’d encourage you to add this one to your playlist.

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