A song about bones?

Singer-songwriter Lauren Daigle has sung all her life. Her mother called their home a music box, because Lauren was always singing. In 2010 and 2012, she was a contestant on American Idol. Though the fame of Hollywood might could have been hers, she chose a different path and ended up joining Centricity Music, a major Christian record label.

Lauren’s most recent hit is entitled “Come Alive” (AKA “Dry Bones”). My initial thought when I first heard this song was something along the lines of, “What Christian artist sings about a passage in the minor prophets?” Yes, this song is based off of Ezekiel’s vision in chapter 37 of the book of the Bible which bears his name. Parts of the song are a bit vague; other parts wouldn’t be fully understood without a previous understanding of the passage from which they come. Overall, though breaking the mold, Come Alive has been a huge hit, making it to the top of the charts for Christian music.

Because of the vagueness, it may take a bit of effort to truly “get” the meaning behind each line. The main theme, however, is not too hard to grasp: As we “call out” to lost souls, God causes their hearts to be receptive and draws those souls to him; thus the spiritually dead receive spiritual life. The song is a prayer that God would save the people with whom we are sharing the gospel and for whom we are praying.

You can hear Lauren Daigle and Michael Farren explain their inspiration for this song right here.

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