How do you see the world?

“Life is what you choose it to be”,
No, not in all cases, you surely must see.

Can you take a sour berry,

and make the very same berry sweet?

I surely can not and neither can you,

Unless with the help of some sugar cubes!

Just as surely as I cannot change

The time of day at which it shall rain,

I cannot change the circumstances

With which God has chosen to surround me.

There is something yet that I can do,
A power I hold, and so can you!

A power of strong fortitude-

This power is called gratitude.

This power changes how I see,

For it maintains joy in the little things.

Gratitude, what a mighty weapon,

Capable of changing one’s perception,

Dispelling dissatisfaction and complaints,

Even when one’s joy is distant and faint.

A change of view is all it takes,
To start a habit of giving thanks.

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